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The primary function of EdCot’s ginning process is to separate lint from seed.  

That’s not as simple as it sounds. After harvesting, when the cotton comes to the gin it contains trash, contaminants, twigs, and various manner of foreign matter. 

Preventing significant reduction in the final value of the ginned lint requires trained employees and properly maintained machinery.

Dryers are also a necessary part of the sequence to obtain the proper moisture level to bring the farmer maximum value and the consumer the highest possible fiber quality. Year in, year out, we consistently strive to meet these goals while maintaining customer confidence by meeting deadlines and obligations. 

Cotton is made of plant cellulose—the main part of a plant's cell wall.

Before ginning and after ginning process.

There are three determinants of classing cotton.

Color - bright or dull, white or gray

Trash Content – amount of stalk, leaf or dirt

Character – smooth or lumpy appearance     Cotton market Quotes (15 minute delay)

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All United States Cotton Yield - 1972 - 2001

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